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Are You Ready For An Adventure?

How would you like to embark on a journey that could
answer many questions like..

Who am I?
Am I who I think I am?
Where did I come from? 
What are my roots?
Who are my ancestors?
Were my ancestors like me?
What were the lives of my ancestors like?
What have I inherited from my ancestors?

Have these or other lingering questions been nagging at you about your family?  If so, wouldn’t you like to have those answers?  Maybe you have been told some family lore or stories and just want to know if they are true.   

Interest in Genealogy & Family History is often triggered by a major life event such as a marriage, the birth of a family member; a significant birthday or anniversary; an upcoming retirement or maybe it’s just simply something you’ve always wondered about. Maybe, you desire to have the answers for yourself and or maybe you would like to pass down a family history legacy to your descendants. That can be something that will be treasured forever.

You might have already begun the search in the vast sea of information that is out there and available on the internet, only to be met with dead ends, conflicting information or worse yet, no information at all.  Or maybe you want to begin this quest but just have not had the time to do so. Time these days is valuable and quite precious!  Or maybe you are not interested in the research process, yet you want the results…

Dan Jungclas, The Ancestry Guy is just who you should turn to.  The Ancestry Guy’s knowledge and research expertise will empower you with professional genealogical research so that you can discover your heritage and family history.  With an objective perspective, The Ancestry Guy will take you on a journey of comprehensive exploration and research that may include vital records (birth, marriage, and death), census records, church records, land records, tax records, emigration records, immigration records, and naturalization records.  Recognizing that each family is unique your journey will need and receive highly individualized attention. 

Results will vary but depending upon your goals, your adventure will be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  Your journey may encompass reports detailing and analyzing the findings of the research, a family history book , a family database and most likely images of documents that were uncovered. The possibilities are almost endless.  Your journey will be characterized by your  family history, advocacy, collaboration, education,  the use of high ethical standards.

Dan Jungclas, The Ancestry Guy specializes in a number of areas like Genealogy related to Cincinnati, Ohio; Northern Kentucky and other areas of the Midwest, the US Civil War, WWI, WWII and German Genealogy.

German Genealogy being defined as that which pertains to ancestors who lived in any area of the United States or Europe but with German origins.  Learn more about Dan Jungclas, The Genealogy Guy and his specializations.

Additionally, numerous people have benefited and found the answers to their questions about their heritage by using The Ancestry Guy’s services.  With a proven track record, The Ancestry Guy can help you on your road to success.

So, Contact Dan Jungclas, The Ancestry Guy with any questions and let’s get started with your journey on knowing your ancestors and heritage


Learn more about Dan Jungclas, The Genealogy Guy!


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