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Like many, my interest in family history and genealogy was trigged by a life event… the sudden and surprising death of my own Mother, Colette D. Jungclas nee Dϋsing.  My Mother passed away at the young age of 61.  At the time of her death, I myself was only 26 years of age and was fortunately at home on a holiday hiatus from touring with the Ice Capades.  You see, Mom passed just seven days before Christmas.  One of the things that Mother had done prior to her death…well, had prepared for me before her death was a pile of paperwork that contained my childhood memories, mementos, keepsakes as well as a copy of a family tree from her (maternal) side of the family.  This family tree had only been shared with her just a few years before her death.  Unaware of this “family tree” from my maternal side of my family, we were all quite surprised by this find… especially me. 
Then for just a short period of time following my mother’s death, I set the maternal family tree aside as I returned to complete my tour with Ice Capades.  However, just a few months later, while I was still on tour, a different family member presented me with a letter from an individual who claimed to be related…  This time it was on my father’s (paternal) side of the family.  Yet, no one in our family had ever mentioned this individual. 
After reading the letter I thought to myself “Is this a scam of some sort?”  So I asked myself another question, could this family tree be legitimate and how do I go about determining that?  Fortunately, shortly after receiving this letter while I was still on tour with the Ice Capades, the tour was to play a seven day run in Salt Lake City .  Of those seven days I had two days off.  On top of that, the hotel we stayed at was just a block or so away from Temple Square and the renowned Family History Library of the LDS (Mormons).  So on one of my days off I visited the library and was very quickly able to confirm the family tree that I had been presented with in that letter.  It was amazing!   For years, my family was unaware of this family history.
Then, while at the library that day the letter that had been passed onto me also helped determine the village where my Great, Great Grandfather had been born and had emigrated from in Germany.   So that caused me to write a letter to a Church in Germany and sure enough they responded not only confirming the birth of my Great , Great Grandfather but some of his siblings as well… plus information on their parents and forefathers. 
In addition to this data we discovered living relatives still in Germany.  The church had also responded with a list of people by the same name of Jungclas who were in the local phone book… From there… well… I ended up coming into contact with many relatives and was told that our eldest forefather, Curt Jungclas, was a Baker and that the bakery he started in 1593 was still around and still in family hands…

So in 1993, just a few years later after all this had begun, we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Jungclas Family Bakery which has been passed down from one generation to the next!  Just incredible!  What an adventure and how exciting!
From that point on the genealogy bug bite me! My passion for genealogy grew immensely and this helped me to heal the void of the loss of my Mother. Since then, I have never been the same! I then purchased some software and began reading books about the right way to do genealogy. Soon my own journey took flight and I began exploring numerous resources. I surfed the internet, wrote countless letters and then began to lay the groundwork for numerous research trips, including trips to cemeteries. Those sort of research trips fueled my passion even more so that my passion flourished so abundantly that the genealogy bug that bit me continues to this very day. In short, I was addicted.
It seemed like everyone I knew kept asking questions and most encouraged me to continue the pursuit and the adventure of finding my roots.  Within a short period of time there were even numerous revelations about family events which were previously unknown.  One thing would lead to another and before I knew it incredible discoveries were being made.  In fact some of my relatives called me crazy at first… well, that was until I proved these revelations to them by producing documents which put the history in front of them and into perspective.
Since all of my ancestors emigrated from Germany, I am particularly knowledgeable about German-American research and research that is related to Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio & Northern Kentucky. Before I knew it, I was translating German church records (written in German script) and have become quite proficient at it. My family was amazed! Additionally, I became quite well versed in Military Records like the U.S. Civil War, WWI and WWII.
Because I live in the Chicagoland area (Naperville to be exact) many resources including many wonderful libraries and archives are available and quite accessible to me. This increases my rate of success as well as the opportunity by which I can help you find your ancestors and the information which has been hiding or eluding you in your quest.. I look forward to helping you in your journey, answering your many questions so that you can enjoy an adventure that will be unforgettable!
Dan Jungclas, The Ancestry Guy
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