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Words That Refer To German Farms...

  • Bardenhauer – a quarter-sized farm (also called Viertelmeier,  Viertelmeyer)
  • Colon – the farmer on a full-sized farm (i.e., a Vollerbe,Vollmeier, Vollmeyer)
  • Erbkötter – a cottager with inheritable rights (also called Kötter)
  • Freikauf – a payment made to the Gutsherr when a person is marrying onto a farm under control of a different Gutsherr.
  • Gutsherr (or Grundherr) – a local noble or other owner of the land on which a farm existed. The Gutsherr was subject to the Landesherr.
  • Gütergemeinschaft – conjugal fund established by the farmer upon his/her marriage.
  • Halberbe, Halbmeier, Halbmeyer – a half-sized farm
  • Heuerling – literally, a hireling. One with no land rights who leased house and land from a larger farm in exchange for labor. Labor was performed by both husband and wife and possibly the children. Heuerleutewere people of the Heuerling They had no inheritable rights to pass on to their children.
  • Hof – a farm or estate that must be passed to the heir in totality (impartible inheritance). Plural form is Höfe. Impartible inheritance is the system of inheritance where an individual’s land holdings must be passed to one heir.
  • Landesherr – the ruler of the overall principality or duchy.
  • Leibzucht –the portion of the farm where the retired farmer lived after the next generation took over. The retired farmer was a Leibzuchter.
  • Mahljahre contract – specified how long a newly married couple would run the farm before the heir took over. These were created in situations where the heir was the offspring from a prior marriage.
  • Mark – common lands in or near a village
  • Markkötter – a cottager whose land was carved out from the common lands (Mark). These types of farms were established later in time than the Voll- and Halbmeyer
  • Primogeniture – inheritance practice where the oldest inherits the estate
  • Stand – one’s occupation and position in the social hierarchy.
  • Sterbegeld – literally “death money.” Money paid to the Gutsherr upon the death of the farm “owner.”
  • Ultimogeniture – inheritance practice where the youngest inherits the estate
  • Viertelmeier, Viertelmeyer – a farm that is a quarter of the size of a full-size farm
  • Vollerbe, Vollmeier, Vollmeyer – a full-size farm
  • Weinkauf – a fee paid to the Gutsherr by the spouse marrying on to a farm
  • Winnkötter – similar to a Markkötter who paid annual dues to the church
  • Zulägerer – a one-eighth-sized farm (also called Achtelmeier,  Achtelmeyer)



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